The BitcoinShrooms are a collection of digital art created and inscribed solely by the independent artist known as Shroomtoshi. The BitcoinShrooms are not officially sponsored, endorsed, or authorized by any third-party. Shroomtoshi expressly disclaims any perceived association or endorsement by any company, individual, or trademark holder. To the extent that any individual BitcoinShroom incorporates any recognizable designs, persons, or logos, it does so exclusively in a nominative or descriptive manner, or otherwise for the purpose of commentary or criticism. The meaning of any individual BitcoinShroom cannot be separated from the collective meaning of the entire collection. Shroomtoshi expressly disclaims any official endorsement, support, sponsorship, or affiliation with any third-party endeavors, including but not limited to any derivative art collections, business ventures, video games, films, or any other type of project inspired by or based on the BitcoinShrooms. Individuals who create or participate in any BitcoinShrooms-inspired projects do so entirely at their own risk. Shroomtoshi assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever arising from any third-party's use of any of the BitcoinShrooms artwork. There are no projects officially sanctioned or sponsored by Shroomtoshi, and there are no social media accounts officially tied to the BitcoinShrooms art project.

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